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Pepper Raccoon

Artist Consulting with Pepper

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If you're an artist looking for in-depth conversation about my business and advice with yours, this is the spot for you! I get a lot of emails asking for information, and while I'd love to help everyone as much as I can, my time is limited and so I've set up this consulting option to make it more manageable!

This entitles you to either one 30 minute consulting session, or if you prefer, two long-form email responses to your questions. Please send me your questions prior to the meeting so I'm able to prepare adequately to help you get the most value out of the session!

I will email you after you purchase to confirm whether you'd like an in-person meeting or email correspondence.

Areas I'm happy to cover:

  • General business strategy
  • Merch design
  • Advice for starting out
  • Hardware recommendations (printers, vinyl cutters, etc.)
  • Maintaining mental wellness while in business
  • Assessing your work as fit for market (you have to ask for this, I won't provide criticism on your art unless asked)

Areas I can't/won't cover:

  • Revealing my suppliers/material sources
  • Actual financial advice


Artist-Designed + Original

All designs are created by Pepper Raccoon, and feature her original artwork. Wherever possible, we manufacture in studio or with local suppliers.

Worldwide Shipping

We might be a small artist-run business, but we ship worldwide (with a few exceptions). Our shipping costs are as low as we can make them, and the majority of our packaging is compostable.

    Artist Consulting with Pepper
    FREE Art treats in every order over $50 NZD
    Free shipping for NZ orders over $150
    Free shipping for AUS Orders over $250


    • Eco-conscious

      We recycle the majority of our soft plastics to be made into fenceposts for farmers in NZ.

    • International Shipping

      We ship to many locations around the world, including the US, UK, and Australia.

    • Original Ideas

      Our products are original. All of them are artist-designed by Pepper Raccoon in her studio.

    • Premium Materials

      We invest in our products to ensure quality materials that are built to last.