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  • Do you ship internationally?
    Yes! We try to keep our shipping prices low for international customers, but unfortunately, NZ Post charges quite a lot for even the smallest parcels.

Art prints and stickers are cost-effective to send, but all of our shipping rates are flat rate, so you can do a bigger order to make that high shipping cost for pins a bit more worth it. x

    What happened to local pickup?
    I no longer work out of a studio in Wellington CBD and now operate from my own home studio, so I can't offer local pickup anymore! We do try to keep our shipping as sustainable and low cost as possible, thank you for your understanding <3

    Where do you get your compostable packaging?

We get all of our packaging from r3pack, they're an NZ based supplier of compostable mailers and packaging. I especially love the paper bubble wrap! 

    Why do some of your products come in plastic bags?

    We sell archival art prints that need to be kept in an acid free environment. So, we use acid-free poly bags. They're great to use to store zines, stickers, or other art prints after you're done!

    Are your enamel pins made in New Zealand?

    No, and here's why. All of the NZ-based suppliers of enamel pins we've spoken to get some or all of their product made overseas. They also charge a high margin for this service. This makes unfeasible for a tiny business like ours to sell "NZ made" enamel pins, and they're not even really NZ made!

    Why are some of your prints more expensive than others?
      Our digital/lowbrow art prints are made in-house using the best materials possible. This enables us to keep the quality high and the costs low for digital prints, which are often open edition.

    Our fine art prints are professionally imaged, printed using archival professional grade printers and inks, on the highest quality fine art cotton papers. These are produced outside of the studio and are often limited edition runs. The quality is beyond compare and therefore these prints fetch a higher price.

  • How long have you been making art?
    Too long, some might say. Fifteen years.

    Are you represented by any galleries?

Not yet! I'm open to being approached, but have absolutely no idea how to approach galleries.

    Is this your full-time job?

    Yep, I've been full-time with my own art for the past two years, and full-time as an artist/illustrator for five.

    What tools do you use to make your work?

    Lots of things! My favourite digital tools are Procreate and my iPad Pro, my favourite traditional tools are pen and ink, Rotring Isographs, mechanical pencils, fountain pens, and more!

    Can I commission you?

    I generally do not take personal commissions. I find them stressful and endeavour to create existing work that appeals to a wide variety of folks so that you can find something in my shop that you like!

    Also, I can't generally charge my standard commercial rate and this means I work at a loss most of the time when I take personal commissions. If you are a commercial business looking to hire me for a project, please feel free to get in touch.

    What sort of printer do you use to make your prints?

I use a Canon Pro10S with Lucia pigmented inks for my digital in-house prints, and I use the incredible Picaflor team to produce my premium fine art prints.