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Pepper Raccoon PHYSICAL Gift Card

I've designed an extra special Pepper Raccoon physical gift card, available to gift to your loved ones this Christmas season!

How it works (PLEASE READ!)

• Purchase your gift card, being sure to provide the address you want the gift card mailed to AND your email! I need both of these to make sure the gift card is assigned correctly!

• I will generate a gift card code, add it to the gift card, and mail it to your desired location, plus emailing you the code for your safe keeping!

Pepper Raccoon gift cards do not expire, and make the perfect gift for that person who deserves some art and magic in their life this year.

Each giftcard is handmade by the artist, featuring luxurious foil (colour may vary) on black cardstock, delivered in a shimmering metallic purple envelope. Shipping fees do apply.

If you'd prefer a non-physical gift card, we have digital ones delivered by email here!