About The Artist

Let's Have Fun With It.

Pepper Raccoon is a Wellington, New Zealand-based artist with a flair for the magical. While she's well known for her creative enamel pins, tees, and other merch, she's also an accomplished fine artist who is known to explore themes across nature, the esoteric, and the occult.

Trained at the California Institute of the Arts, and having completing an artist residency in San Francisco in 2012, she moved back to New Zealand after growing up in the United States.

Pepper believes art is for everyone. She brings this belief to her studio, applying her art to affordable merch as well as making fine artworks, to ensure that anyone can access her work at the level they wish.

When she's not making art, Pepper's passionate about games of all sorts, foods of all sorts, and friends of all sorts.


Pepper appears as a tabling artist with her shop in tow at 10+ events a year, including Armageddon Expo in multiple cities, Chromacon, Ratbag Markets, and more.

She is available during event off-seasons for commercial work, so feel free to contact her regarding merch design or illustration for commercial projects.

She's also easily found on Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, and runs a popular Patreon with sticker and art print rewards.