The Dawnhounds Book Cover by Pepper Raccoon


Whether you're looking to capture attention or create something truly original, imaginative illustrations elevate your idea to the next level. With a lifetime of drawing experience, and a decade of illustration work, Pepper Raccoon is an unstoppable force in the area of art.

• Vector & Raster
• Digital & Traditional

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The Tea Thief Package and Brand Design by Pepper Raccoon


Add an unmistakably unique touch to your new brand's identity. Taking the fundamentals of design and applying an artist's lens to them, Pepper Raccoon will develop visual assets that your customers will remember.

New to the branding process? We're here to help you formalise your concept and create branding documents to help you take it forward.

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Big Death Energy t-shirt design by Pepper Raccoon


Pepper Raccoon has built an iconic brand around her design of apparel and merch, and you're able to hire her to help you do the same.

Screenprint-ready artwork plus liasing with your supplier make the process a breeze. Designs for t-shirts, hoodies, enamel pins, stickers, and more are available.

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kawaiicon 2019 stage show


Make your event stand out from the rest with cohesive and creative art driving the visual connection with your attendees. From promotional materials and web graphics, to merch, name tags, and memorabilia, we've got you covered. Previous clients include: NZ Games Fest, Christchurch Hacker Con, & Kawaiicon.

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