Turning art dreams into gold since 2016

Pepper Raccoon is a New Zealand artist, a creative powerhouse, a maker of magic. She designs her own artwork and merch in studio, with an emphasis on accessible pricing and sustainable processes.

Bringing her love of nature, internet culture, and esoteric vibes to the table, she's known for her attention to linework, intricate detail, and just a touch of magic.

Whether she's busy cutting her own vinyl stickers, wrapping glassware in detailed designs, or refining some linework to perfection, Pepper is passionate about making things herself to a quality that meets her exacting standards.

A portrait shot on grainy film of the artist, Pepper Raccoon, holding a large framed ink artwork of an Eyelash Viper.

Fine Art Skills Meet Irreverant style

Pepper believes that art should be for everyone, not some sort of conceptual commentary that requires a degree to understand. While she has a fine art background, cutting her teeth at the world-renowned California Institute of the Arts, she rebelled against the trajectory of gallery art and five figure price tags, setting out on her own to create beautiful work that anyone can understand, enjoy, and purchase.

Her work has shipped right around the world to Europe, America, the Middle East, Asia, and beyond, reaching audiences far beyond the shores of Aotearoa, but she's a Kiwi girl at heart and loves drawing inspiration from New Zealand's incredible natural ecosystem.

caring for nature

With monthly donations to Trees That Count, compostable packaging materials wherever possible, and recycling all soft plastic waste, Pepper does her best to look after the natural environment that she draws inspiration from.

Despite being a small business, making an impact matters, and we do our part to make sure we're giving back.

Pepper also wholesales her products to a range of eco-sanctuaries around Aotearoa, available to view on our Stockists page.