Definition of Woman Sticker - TRANS RIGHTS


This is a pre-order. We have already sold 500 stickers(!!!) and are onto our next wave of orders. Please be patient as I am a small business and fulfill all orders myself. I am absolutely doing my best! Please keep sharing!

Recently, NZ has suffered a spate of imagery and commentary around what defines a woman. This is anti-feminist, anti-trans, and abhorrent. I designed these stickers to be used in place of the recent "Stand Up For Women" stickers that define a woman in a way that does not include our trans sisters.

They are 1cm larger on all dimensions than the SUFW stickers, and feature trans colours to make evident that anyone is a woman if they feel that they are, or identify as such.

ALL PROFITS of this sticker will be donated to Gender Minorities Aotearoa to benefit our trans and gender diverse whanau across Aotearoa.

These stickers will be long-lasting UV resistant outdoor vinyl, manufactured right here in NZ.